Android App Development Courses

Comprehensive training for designing, developing and publishing compelling Apps for Android mobile devices

Google's Android is a leading mobile environment in the industry. FMC's Android Development courses are designed to provide the ultimate training required to master the fundamentals and advanced features of Android development and to enable students, upon completion, to develop, test and publish their own mobile applications for the Android phones and tablets. The courses are taught in small class size to maximize student/instructor interaction and provide the most conducive learning environment. Our teaching methodology consists of the most effective combination of instructor demonstration and hands-on supervised practice sessions. Android Development courses are dedicated to providing the highest quality training possible in mobile Apps development and are taught by FMC’s industry renowned trainers with years of experience in Apps design and development. All workshops come with satisfaction guarantee.

Upon completion students will be able to:

  • Work effectively with the tools available to develop Android applications, understand the Android OS architecture and interact with components on Android devices such as the built-in camera
  • Use Android SDK and API tools to design effective and attractive Apps for Android mobile devices
  • Become conversant in the Java language classes and objects built to work within the Android operating system
  • Master the knowledge required to write compelling Android applications
Most importantly, students will be taught not just how to use these tools but also why things work the way they do and how everything fits together into a professional project workflow.

Target Audience

  • New and experienced application developers who wish to expand their toolset and specialize in developing their own Android Apps for business, education, or personal use
  • Developers seeking a career as an mobile applications developer
  • People new to mobile Apps development or those who started building an app and need help putting all the pieces together

Android courses are offered in three levels:

  • Object Oriented Coding for Mobile Development (Java). 3days, 10am – 6pm. $1,650
  • Android App Development. 5 days, 10am – 6pm. $2,950
  • Developing Android Apps for Gaming. 3 days, 10am – 6pm. $1,650