El Capitan 300: Managing and Deploying Apple Devices

2 days

Course Description

Managing and Deploying Apple Devices is a two-day course for users who support Macintosh OS X or iOS mobile devices. Students will learn how to deploy new Macs and iOS-based devices and keep them managed and under control. Students will learn how to use different methods for creating and deploying application installer packaged files, Configuration Profiles, supporting large numbers of devices, and how to set up and maintain a Mac server for overseeing the whole process. Instructors will also demonstrate and discuss other apps for assisting in day-to-day IT tasks.

Who Should Attend

Managing and Deploying Apple Devices is designed for IT professionals, managers and system administrators who use Macs, iPads or iPhones on a daily basis in their professional environment, or who implement and maintain OS X- and iOS- based devices in their organizations.


Students who attend El Capitan 300 should have a basic working knowledge of the Mac. An iPad will be provided to the student for the duration of the class. Please note that for on-site assignments, iPads can be provided at an additional cost.

Course Outline:

Note: The curricula below comprise activities typically covered in a class at this skill level. The instructor may, at his/her discretion, adjust the lesson plan to meet the needs of the class.

Part 1: Deployment Concepts & Planning

  • AppleID and iCloud
  • Managed devices and Supervision
  • Apple’s Deployment Programs
  • Deployment Scenarios
  • Network Considerations
  • Security Considerations & Physical Logistics

Part 2: Installer Packages

  • Packages & Metapackages
  • Gatekeeper
  • Package Utilities

Part 3: Imaging Apple Systems

  • Forked Files, Bundles & Packages
  • Disk Images
  • AutoDMG & System Image Utility

Part 4: OS X Server

  • Installation & Initial Setup
  • SSL Security
  • DNS

Part 5: Deploying Mac Systems

  • Disk Utility
  • NetInstall
  • Deploy Studio
  • Third-party solutions

Part 6: Managing Apple Devices

  • Apple Configurator
  • Apple Profile Manager
  • App Distribution
  • Third-party solutions

Part 7: Deploying iOS Devices

  • Device Supervision
  • Apple Configurator

Part 8: Software Updates & Caching

  • Software update strategies
  • Apple Software Update Server
  • Caching Service
  • Third-party solutions

Part 9: Remote Management

  • Apple Remote Desktop
  • BackToMyMac
  • iTeleport
  • SSH

Part 10: Enterprise Security

  • Hidden Administrators
  • FileVault Encryption
  • Firmware Password

*Includes a flash drive containing slides, notes and other helpful information to enhance the classroom experience.

Note: This custom-designed class is created and owned by Future Media Concepts. It is not sponsored or authorized by Apple Inc.