Boston - Testimonials

"I took the 7 day Master Class in Adobe After Effects. I was extremely impressed by the quality of the teaching and the overall learning experience. Karl Hill was my instructor and he was amazing. He didn't just reading the examples from the book but he gave us real-world solutions. His insight of the material was astounding and I walked away from the class feeling I had really learned something and that it was money well spent. The people at FMC Boston are very friendly and approachable and it made it an excellent experience. I highly recommend it."

David M.

"I recommend FMC to any serious digital creator. If there are better classes to be had anywhere, it would be in heaven."

Al Davis
Visual Velocity

"FMC is truly first rate. I am proud to have you as part of Apple's team."

Diana L. Musto
Apple Computer

"I now exceed the expectations of my peers and superiors. Furthermore, I will be able to expand on the artistic aspirations I had previously been unable to act upon."

Joel E. Bousley

"The standard of teaching within the school is excellent. Many of the tutors are not only experts in one subject, but masters of many."

Livia Henderson
IONA Technologies

"The week I spent at Future Media Concepts Boston was undoubtedly the most helpful aspect of my training as a technical support rep at Avid Technology."

Doug Plante
Avid Technology

"Because of the skills learned at FMC my company has been able to expand our service and product capabilities. This past year was one of our most profitable."

Anthony Mazzarella
Mazzarella Bros. Productions, Inc.

"I am taking this opportunity to express my gratitude to Future Media Concepts and to Adam N. Greene for the wonderful experience I enjoyed as a student with FCP 200 - A Comprehensive Study of Final Cut Pro 6. For me personally, it was one of the best courses I've had in my many years of learning.

Having taught various topics in both Computer Science and Information Technology since 1983, I can fully appreciate the issues inherent with introducing students to complex material. A learning-conductive environment, helpful school personnel, appropriate hardware, thoughtful and properly-configured software, and an experienced and emphatic instructor are key factors in successful learning outcomes. I was so impressed that FMC managed to provide optimum solutions to every one of these considerations.

I will be in a continuous process of learning the software and its associated video skills. Throughout this process I will recall my experience with FMC and Adam's class. This will serve as a landmark of quality for me."

Tom LeTourneau

"The excellent teachings of my instructors has allowed me to completely redesign my company's web site and even design a few on the side. The training has allowed me to advance my career in a rewarding new direction."

Dana Stringos
Process Software

"I feel a good level of confidence in the practical application of the entire Avid system; I am now able to have far better communication and understanding with audio engineers, film-to-video transfer technicians, editors, etc."

Michael Casper
Mike Casper Productions

"The instructor's delivery, demeanor, and teaching methods ensured that everyone in the class learned as much as possible. His real-world experience allowed him to give powerful context to the content and answer many questions that the students had. I have a high level of confidence that I will be able to apply what I've learned in these courses to my projects at work."

Dana Berenson
Fidelity Investments

"I can't thank you enough for your wonderful training session. It was amazing to see how much I remembered from class as I worked on my site this summer. It's so wild to see something I made up and available for the world to see. "

Patricia Lally
Lexington Montessori School

"...It was a pleasure to have Alex Kaloostian as a trainer for the Advanced Final Cut Pro class. His knowledge and expertise in the software and experience in the field made this class invaluable to me. His approach and process for teaching the class made the techniques easy to understand and he was always willing to answer questions beyond the scope of the class.

I have now completed my Apple trainer certification for FCP 6 and the experience at Future Media Concepts was a tremendous help to me in completing my certification. I have taken other classes at FMC and have never been disappointed. I would highly recommend FMC to anyone who is looking for efficient and valuable training."

Philip Rockey
Diamond Imaging