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NewTek TriCaster Certification

Benefits of Certification

Obtaining TriCaster Operator certification gives you many benefits and sets you apart from the pack. Certified Operators are in high demand by those producing live events. If you have your own business, certification tells your clients and customers that they'll get a high-quality production, with you at the controls.

  • Get hired for better jobs, by proving you know your stuff
  • Differentiate yourself in the job pool
  • Generate more customer interest in your business and services
  • Be recognized by industry professionals
  • Become qualified to teach TriCaster skills to others

Watch NewTek's Tricaster Certification Video


If you've been working in live event production for years and have some experience with TriCaster, you may be ready to take the exam today. If your experience is more limited, but you've been through a school or training program that included significant experience operating TriCaster, you may also be ready to take the exam. Review the exam topics below and assess your level of knowledge in each of the areas and decide for yourself if you're ready. If you think you need more study or practice, a number of resources are available to increase your skills.

No prerequisites or specific training courses are required to take the TriCaster Certification Exam. You will need an email account that you can check from a Web browser, such as Gmail, Hotmail, etc.


The NewTek TriCaster Certified Operator Exam is a 75-question multiple choice and multiple response exam. The time limit is 90 minutes and the minimum passing score is 70% (53 questions correct). The test items are drawn randomly from a large bank of questions which are divided into nine skills and knowledge areas.

The nine areas cover a wide range of skills and knowledge of TriCaster operation in many types of live events. Being a "NewTek Certified Operator" means being ready to take on challenging productions; therefore, the exam is aimed at TriCaster 850 EXTREME. While many of the skills tested are applicable to all TriCaster models, the exam is primarily focused on TriCaster 850 EXTREME using a Control Surface. Where there are differences between TriCaster 850 EXTREME and other TriCaster models, the question specifies which model is referenced. Operators preparing for the exam should study the operation of TriCaster 850 EXTREME with the Control Surface to achieve the highest possible score.

The nine skills and knowledge areas and the percent of questions from each are given in this table, and a more detailed description can be found here.

Knowledge/Skill Area Percent of Questions
Physical set-up and general video knowledge 13%
Software set-up 7%
Working with sessions 11%
Transferring, loading, and creating media 11%
Networking and streaming to the Web 9%
Live operation 16%
Media players 9%
Virtual inputs, virtual sets, LiveMatte 13%
Working with audio 11%

A Practice Exam is provided to give you an idea of what the format of the actual exam is like, along with a sampling of the types of questions asked. The Practice Exam is not intended to assess your ability to pass the actual Certification Exam, only to give you a sense of the format and questions provided. Numerous industry acronyms are used in the exam. Read the list of acronyms.