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FMC Online - Testimonials

"The strong point of FMC Training, and really the reason why you will prefer FMC over or other pre-recorded tutorials is its live functionality. What really blew me away was the power of observing the instructor's workflow that happened to be highly different than my own. It opened up some new ideas and introduced me to some features that I previously glossed over."

Review from Microfilmmaker Magazine
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"Just this minute finished with Yossy on the advanced Final Cut online...great teacher....answered everything...pace was excellent. He's enthusiastic about it to all questions. I cannot say one negative thing...I'd do the online thing again in a second...and probably will."

Jan Fedorenko

"Best class and instructor! Excellent book!."

Linda Wasko

"I took the Flex 3 Dev RCA course online and found it to be the most useful way for me to attend and learn..."

Amy Lepore

"To learn about Bridge, I signed up for 45 minute online class given through Future Media Concepts. FMC is a company that offers both online and in-person training on various digital media software, including Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, iWork, and InDesign. Some classes are two or three days, diving deep into a specific application; others are 45 minutes of online tips and tricks geared towards users who are already familiar with the software. All instructors are highly knowledgeable in their chosen fields and have years of teaching experience. But, how would that translate to an online class?

Very well, I must say.

The instructor for my class, Benefits of Using the Bridge, was Katie Houghton. Ms. Houghton was very friendly, welcomed questions, and knew her subject material quite well. She taught the class about assigning keywords, customizing the Bridge workspace, creating folders, adding metadata to files, using filters, and creating collections all within a 45 minute framework. ..." Read On

Elisa Pacelli

"Have you ever wished that you could take a class to learn more about Photoshop CS5, or Desktop Publishing? How about boning up on Web Design and Development, Motion graphics, or honing your skills on Mac OSX, as well as a long list of useful software?

Now, through the creation of interactive web-based courses by Future Media Concepts, or FMC, you can attend a nearly in-person class with a certified instructor right in the privacy of your own home or office.

The courses are designed to give you the most information in the shortest amount of time, therefore saving you time and money.

FMC courses are not cheap. Being interactive and live is much more costly to produce than, say, video-only courses. But it creates a totally different experience. Being able to speak with and even see the instructor live is a game-changer. Interacting with the instructor, and even others in the class, makes this a very valuable learning experience. It's like taking a college course without the burned-out professors and irritating tests. Full-day extended courses are available, as well as the 45 minute quick-courses." Read On

Artie Alinikoff