Orlando - Testimonials

"Thank you Deidra Manthey for an outstanding training program. Your team at Future Media Concepts, Orlando Branch, is professional in every step. The facilities are first class. Computers and software are quality #1.

Recently, I took Photoshop. Navin Kulshrestha, Instructor, is subject expert. The training went flawlessly on tight schedule and on time. I highly recommend Navin to others.

Thank you again for such a wonderful experience at your Orlando office."

Thank you,
Navann Huoth
Captain, USAF (Ret)

"Dear Ms. Jones,

I would like to thank you and your staff for providing the most comprehensive training I have received in many years. As you know, I am a training officer at a 160-man police department in Palm Beach County. My department serves the 9th largest school district in the United States.

As a trainer for my department and the school district, I have attended many training classes across the country that was presented both by the government agencies and private companies alike. FMC is among the best, if not the best, training organizations with which I have ever attended training.

My instructor, Caleb Mallery was exceptional. I can see now why he is regarded as one of the most talented up and coming filmmakers in the country. His understanding of the training materials and his ability to convey those highly technical concepts in an easy digestible way is what makes him an outstanding instructor. Caleb went beyond the physical manipulations of the software and showed us how to create a true “production”.

I can truthfully say that after attending the FMC Apple training courses, the quality of my productions were noticeably improved and noted by my superiors, fellow trainers and by the officers and school district employees I serve.

As for you and your staff Ms. Jones, I cannot say enough about your professionalism and customer service. From the emails and phone calls at the start, to our first meeting at your cutting edge facility, your desire to assist me and your personal attention to my training needs was beyond compare. You are an excellent representative of FMC and I would recommend, and already have recommended, you and your company to anyone who requires professional training and is looking for exemplary customer service.

Thank you for all that you have done and I am looking forward to doing business with you in the future."

Sincerely yours,

Officer Frank V. Fanelli
School District of Palm Beach County
Police Department Training Unit


Jason came to Lamar Graphics on Monday and taught us through Wednesday. His understanding of the software and ability to make relative comparisons to software with which we are familiar were paired with a keen personality and patience to help up through the training. It was so much better than having someone come in and crank through tutorials with us. We really appreciated his demeanor and knowledge.

Thanks so much for sending us your best!"

G. Smith
Lamar Graphics
Prepress Manager

"Dear Future Media Concepts:

Recently, I participated in an Adobe class and wanted to share with you my appreciation of the entire experience at your Orlando office.

The facilities are state of the art, and it was so refreshing to come into the classroom with a computer that system that worked flawlessly throughout my class. The class size was excellent, allowing for a personal experience.

Marc and the FMC staff jumped through hoops to have me in the class. We had several hurdles to overcome; rescheduling, instructors, and a holiday. Marc ensured me that the class would take place and when finished, I would have the working knowledge needed to complete production quality work. I was so grateful, because I had already promised my company a date of completion on a project and I needed this class to complete it. Marc kept his promise, and I completed my project on time and without pulling my hair out because I actually learned and understood the program!

Your willingness to help out with everything has left me with high regards for Future Media Concepts, and I look forward to returning soon for additional training. I have already recommended FMC to my collogues. Thank you again for such a wonderful experience."

Stacey Main
Tupperware Brands Corporation
Ld. Color Trends & Graphic Strategist

"It is remarkable how often your facilities update training outlines and software which allows us to maintain the pace with current commercial market trends. Your training has been crucial in our ability produce well manicured products representing the US Government positively to other countries. Another benefit that is unique to FMC is the flexibility of being able to choose between online or onsite courses. This has been very advantageous for our command when considering how to complete our productions, and allow our personnel to keep improving their proficiency when time as not available to send them away for necessary training.

The money our command saved from your GSA pricing actually funds the temporary duty expense involved when we send personnel to your facility. The personnel in the Orlando office, Ms. Sarah Mason and Ms. Cari Jones have proven to be courteous, knowledgeable, and great reflection on the professional level of people your company hires. Their support onsite and responses while scheduling classes are just not prompt and efficient but instantaneous. They additionally keep us informed of special training events of the facility that might be useful to our personnel and follow up to ensure we are satisfied with courses people have recently attended."

Frank Camarotti
Product Development Branch NCOIC

"I have always felt so comforted and encouraged by your friendly staff of FMC employees and instructors! Now, having completed a number of classes with you in Orlando, I can say that I feel as though I am part of your family. Everyday I train with you is a new rewarding experience! I can truly admit I feel well understood and that opinions as students and client are respected and valuable!

Again, from the very beginning, I have had nothing but a positive learning experience at your Orlando branch and am so excited to enroll in more classes with you! I always am looking forward to seeing familiar faces and gaining new experiences!!"

Jaclyn Yamada

"This was the first time I had visited your facility, and I was blown away by the top notch staff and training."

Fred Haley

"From my very first class, I have learned so much about digital media and have been able to network with many of my fellow students! I have had such a rewarding time here with your informative, certified instructors and friendly staff!"

Chris Thurow

"The class and instructor were motivating, instructive, and beneficial to my job in the Adventist Health System. The staff was also most helpful in hosting the class and was readily available to respond to any questions I had."

Tim Putt
Senior Designer
Corporate Communications
Adventist Health System

"I have been to other computer trainings facilities and they are usually so packed with students that you come away feeling like you got lost in the crowd- I was so very glad that this time it was not the case, since I really need help with this particular training and needed a lot of my questions answer by an expert. The fact that your classes were very small made it so much easier to get full attention and personalization from our training.

I also have to commend you on your office staff; they were all very helpful and friendly. The training rooms were comfortable and the computer equipment first class-I also like the snacks and drinks offering.

I’m already drafting a proposal to my direction in order to take additional courses later on this year and in 2012, as well as recommending your courses to my peers."

Monica Caretto
Executive Assistant
Lighting Systems

"Each and every time that I have attended training at FMC, it has been a rigorous and satisfying experience. The instructors are knowledgeable, patient and have the ability to deliver information in an organized, thoughtful manner.

The equipment is modern and imaged routinely to keep training operations running smoothly with the latest versions of the software used in training.

The facilities are comfortable, accessible and lend themselves greatly to the training atmosphere. (Thankfully the coffeepot is always running.)

As with any endeavor that attempts to satisfy all customers, problems arise. The support staff at the Orlando facility have met and overcome each and every obstacle thrown at them with graciousness and creativity."

Robert Burwell
Digital Arts Instructor
Manatee County, Florida

"I signed on for the Server Essentials class, and after a week in Orlando at Future Media Concepts, I was able to return to my work confident and able to fix existing server issues, and even to correct some flaws in our initial configurations!

For the Server Essentials class, Anthony Calardo was my instructor. From the beginning, he demonstrated mastery of the course content, and a solid understanding of everything Apple.

Our organization has several Xserve machines serving over 1200 users and providing a range of services. The Apple IT classes I took from Future Media Concepts have enabled me to integrate services, and create a better use experience for both staff and students at our organization.

It was a pleasure for me to be able to take part in a program that was so well prepared and executed. Taking courses in different locations throughout the United States can be a bit intimidating and sometimes overwhelming. The course curriculum was presented in a very logical yet simplified format. Classes are kept small and personal thus eliminating potential distractions caused by larger venues.

A special thanks to Cari for her thoughtfulness and kind-hearted behavior.”

Kevin Hesson
Distributed Computer System Specialist
Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind

"On short notice FMC Orlando scheduled a class and an instructor that could teach us within the time constraints. We appreciate the way you and the staff went out of the way for us. The personal attention and excellent communication made us feel as though we were your only client."

Christopher Moore

"It took Cari and me several months to get the budget and the classes I wanted to work into the two week period of training. Cari worked diligently to make sure they could accommodate the classes I wanted in the scheduled time. She is a true magician and professional, and I thank you for getting the classes together for the two week period allowed for the training...

Sean Casella is one of the best instructors I have ever had the privilege of learning from. He is very knowledgeable and willing to share his experiences, even a few things not in the books...

The facilities in Orlando are outstanding and staff very friendly and accommodating. I would definitely attend another course there or send some of my colleagues. I will recommend the courses and the facility in Orlando to all who ask me about similar training. Ya’ll ROCK!!!"

Michael Battise

"From our initial conversations in June 2010, I knew Future Media Concepts was a step above the other digital media training centers...

Eight courses later, every instructor and course taken has surpassed my expectations. Whether it be an Adobe Illustrator or an iPhone Application Development course, the instructor is not only a talented teacher who is passionate about their course material, but is also a professional actively using the digital media he or she teaches in his or her own business. With FMC’s highly knowledgeable instructors covering course lessons in a few days which rival material studied over a full semester at a university, it’s no wonder why professionals from all corners of the globe travel to FMC training centers to further their education and transform their careers."

Jennifer Dana Deane
Multimedia Artist/Photographer

"I would like to write concerning my recent training session in Orlando Florida, August 1st through August 7th 2004. The class was the LightWave Master class and it involved six days of work with the complex 3D modeling, rendering and animation software package. Our instructor was Michael Young from New York. The facilities in Orlando were first rate. It was a brand new building and you had all of the latest computer equipment and software available which really was great especially when dealing with processor intensive work such as the case with LightWave.

The fact that you pride yourself on the small class size is amazing and let me tell you, it was like having a pure one-on-one session with one of the best instructors I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Our class had a total of three people and if at any moment a question was raised, Michael would be right at my computer screen helping me out. The content of the course was very manageable from the first day to the last and never at any moment did I feel out of place, lost or frustrated. I learned more than I ever thought I would and the experience shattered all expectations.

To comment on your staff . . . wow. They were exceptional! Mostly noted should be Karla Elgin. While I was getting signed up, she was more than courteous, informative and willing to work with me on certain issues. Once in Orlando, she was just as helpful and accommodating. Your staff really made the experience unforgettable.

I would highly recommend you to everyone I know in the industry and for anyone else looking to enhance their skills in whatever classes you're offering. From this experience, I know that FMC will deliver a great learning environment, staff and facilitate the best possible experience for the student. Thanks FMC and I hope to be in another class very soon!"

Christopher D. Braun
Computer Scientist
Technology Development Division
Data Handling Branch

"First of all, I want to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation in a job well done. The Avid 101 - Editing with Avid Media Composer course I attended was excellent. It was very informative with much subject matter covered, although I didn't feel overwhelmed. I think the reasoning was due to the small class size. However, the instructor, Sergio, also was key. His thorough subject knowledge, superb teaching ability and motivation were all evident not just to me, but the entire class. Kudos on all fronts!

Thank you again very much."

Stephen Hassert, CTS
Audiovisual Systems Technical Services-Contractor
ESI Technology Team
Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc.

"...Chiho was our instructor for the Final Cut Pro Master Class. Because he actively works in the video editing industry with Final Cut Pro and is an active member of the Final Cut Pro user community, he provided us with real world experience and insight into the program What's more, he was able to reach each of us at our respective levels of computer-based knowledge..."view full letter

Kevin Dermody
Multimedia Specialist
JHT, Inc

"Thank you so much for the hospitality you showed me last week during Flex 3: Developing Rich Client Applications and Flex 3: LiveCycle Data Services training. Organizing and attending the classes were easily the finest experience I've had with education providers. Your facilities were immaculate and comfortable as well.

Our trainer, Charles Brown, was nothing short of fantastic. He presented the material in a well organized and appropriately paced fashion. While challenging, there wasn't a time during the class that he allowed us to over extend comfort level with the material. He made sure we had mastered that principle before moving on the the next topic. This was very refreshing and much appreciated.

Thanks again."

David Lance
Fidelity National Information Services

"The class was awesome, very informative, and professional. Josh was very clear and informative not only with class outline but with tips as well. Thank you so much for having us there."

Darran Caudle
Chief Photojournalist

"I really enjoyed attending the InDesign Training earlier this WEEK! The instructor was very through and she maintained a speed that was easy to stay focused with without bogging down the day! I went away with a better understanding of the program and its MANY uses."

Fred Duncan
Harcourt, Inc.

"I recently took the Adobe Indesign CS2 class on 4/19-4/20. First off, I thought it was an excellent class and our instructor was extremely well versed in the product. I plan on coming back to your facility when our budget calls for more training."

Chris DeBelen
Art Director/Web Master

"Wanted to let you know that I enjoyed attending the Premiere Pro course,and meeting you and your staff. Katherine did a great job and opened my eyes to all the possibilities residing in the program covered, as well as the rest of the Adobe suite. Thank you for all your help and courtesy. Overall this was a very good experience and it has already been conveyed to my peers as such."

Carlos Rivera
Customs and Border Protection
Homeland Security

"I wanted to thank you for the outstanding Captivate class that I attended at your facility. As a technology instructor for Orange County, I found the quality of instruction exceptional. I have reported my assessment to the CIO, and we hope to utilize your facility in the future for any Adobe or Macromedia instruction."

Daniel LaPorta
Systems Training Specialist
Orange County Government

"I had a great experience learning at Future Media Concepts. My instructor was extremely well versed in the software I was there to learn. And the lesson plans were well organized. Plus, the staff is very friendly and makes you feel welcome. I would highly recommend FMC to anyone."

P.J. Barbour
National Rural Electric Cooperative Association
Arlington, VA

"I just thought I'd write to let you know that I had a great time over there this past week. I really learned a lot and I can't wait to incorporate what I learned into my projects.

Luisa was awesome! Now I can see why you use only Adobe certified instructors. I don't know if she told you, but since all of us were picking it up so quickly, we were able to go beyond the class outline and learn some extra techniques for the last few hours of day two!"

Michael Featherstone
Creative Services Producer
Bright Hpuse Networks

"Just a quick note to let you know that we were extremely satisfied with the 101 & 110 training. Nicole Martinez did an outstanding job teaching us "old geezers" the ins and outs of the Media Composer. Bob Marvel and I thought the facilities and learning environment were great. We hope to take some of the other advanced courses in the future."

Jim Sorensen
367 TRSS

"I just got back from an incredible Final Cut training class at Future Media Concepts in Orlando. It was more than I could ever expect from a training class. I signed up for the three day FCP 101 class. I arrived the first day and found out I had not been registered due to a mix up by my company. Karla was more than helpful and called in an instructor from Tampa even though I was the only one in the class. Sean arrived and we went through the entire tutorial in 9 hours. We had to finish early due to an impending hurricane! This did not stop Sean from teaching me to correct many of my self taught errors I was doing while editing. It was power learning from the start!!!!

I now have the knowledge to edit with confidence and speed that I could not have had without the Future Media Concept experience. On top of that I was invited back to audit the three day class again at a future date with no charge! This was by far the best learning experience I have had in my 20 years plus of television production. I will return for more!"

Jon Weitz
City of Jacksonville
Chief Videographer

"I would like to this opportunity to express my utmost appreciation and thanks for my training experience this week. Sean is truly great at using his real world experience and enthusiasm for his craft to open the minds of his students. I would recommend FMC to anyone who truly wants to gain a leg up on the latest post production technology."

Matt Voye
Bradenton, FL

"Thank you for all of your help in arranging our on-site Adobe InDesign training session. I appreciate your effort to accommodate our changing schedule so close to the holidays. I found Future Media Concepts through the Adobe Web site, and as an Adobe Solutions Network Training Provider, I knew FMC would provide top-notch instruction for my students and me. We got that, and much more...

FMC's training was educationally effective and cost effective. We covered more in two days than I could have expected from a similar college course over an entire term - yet the pace of the classes allowed us to really absorb the material, ask questions, work out problems, etc."

Ken Carpenter
Professor of Journalism
Valencia Community College

"I just wanted to thank you for such a successful training experience I had this week. Aechelon Technology enrolled me in the Photoshop class and it was really an enjoyable week. Your facility is first class and your staff is friendly and helpful. Our instructor, Sean, was not only knowledgeable but very professional as well. I thought his ability to apply his real world experiences to the lessons added great substance and value to the training. I would definitely recommend FMC and especially Sean as an instructor to anyone that was interested."

Mark Franciskovich
NAVAIR Orlando