From Production to Post >> Shooting HD & 4K with Log & LUTs

1 day
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Course Description

Most modern HD & 4K digital camera systems allow for Log based recording. This “poor man's digital negative” gives productions a huge advantage in terms of what can be done with their footage once acquired.

In order to work effectively with Log footage you must first understand its implementation in a particular camera system, how to expose for that particular Log gamma curve and how to work with Look Up Tables (LUTs), in both production and post to make the production to post workflow successful on a project.

This full day session with Jem Schofield of theC47 will take attendees through the process of successfully working in HD & 4K workflows with Log in production environments by using scopes and display/monitor LUTs to make sure they are getting the most out of their recordings. It will also discuss how to take that footage and then start working with it successfully in post. This will be a hands-on workshop (for live attendees), and focus will be on giving you the tools and knowledge that will help you be more successful in future projects.

Who Should Attend

Directors of photography, camera operators and anyone that wants to understand how to successfully work with Log in production and into post.

Course Outline:

Topics will include:

  • Best practices for shooting HD & 4K
  • Understand Log Based Recording
  • Understanding Color Spaces
  • Understanding Exposure (Waveform Monitors, Histograms, Light Meters & Charts)
  • Successfully Exposing for Log
  • Working with Monitor/Display LUTs
  • Applying LUTs in Post

Note: While the workshop will feature Canon Cinema EOS and Sony FS Series cameras, the subject matter covered will apply to other camera systems that shoot Log and will be discussed in the class.

Jem Schofield
Jem Schofield

Jem Schofield is the founder of theC47, an online and offline educational resource focused on teaching the craft of video production and filmmaking (with production based workshops taught throughout the United States and abroad). He is a producer, director & educator and also runs The Filmmaker’s Intensive, a bi-annual program that focuses on the art & science of documentary & narrative filmmaking.

For the past 18 years his company, Buttons Productions, has produced projects for an ever expanding client base. Clients include AbelCine, Apple, Inc., Canon U.S.A. Inc., EMI, Manfrotto, The New York Times, NPR, TED, Tiffen & Zeiss.

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