Particles in After Effects (based on 3rd party effects)

1 day
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Workshop Description

Get up to speed with the most popular 3rd party particles effects such as Particular, Form and Plexus to create visual effects and motion graphics elements such as rain, smoke, explosions, arrays, 3D shapes, 3D wireframes and much more. This course includes practical examples and real projects to help you master these deep effects in fun and creative way. Go beyond generating your typical particle effect and learn to use particles in new and interesting ways.

Who Should Attend

Experienced After Effects professionals who wish to maximize their creativity and efficiency creating particle effects.

Course Outline:


  • What is Trapcode Particular?
  • Working with different emitter types
  • Creating a Particle Wipe
  • Emitter Controls and Custom Particles
  • Integrating the After Effects lights and cameras
  • Integrating with 3D renders
  • Introduction to Physics Controls
  • Using the Auxiliary System
  • Motion Paths and Obscuration Layers
  • Introduction to Form
  • Create a Head full of particles
  • Introduction to Plexus
  • Working with 3D OBJ files
  • Speed your render

Eran Stern
Eran Stern

Eran has over two decades of experience in the Post-Production industry. Coming from the world of Graphics as a commercial artist and a TV Post-Production designer combined with great passion for teaching, Eran has taken upon himself to “Spread the Word” of his expertise on Motion Design. He’s a recognized Adobe expert trainer and one of the most desirable speakers in demand and as such he is the author of the most watched video tutorials and training series for, Adobe and other top productions and software development companies.

Simultaneously, in 2007, Eran founded
 Eran regularly gives talks at local and international conferences like NAB, After Effects World and Premiere Pro World and is part of the creative team at Future Media Concepts as a Program Manager and one of their top speakers. Besides SternFX, Eran is also the head of the Motion Graphics department at the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design. Prior to that, he was one of the leading mentors in Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design.