Video for Social Media and Corporate Communication

2 days
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Course Description

Who Should Attend?

Producers, writers, directors & videographers who want to implement new or improve existing corporate video productions or develop messaging targeted at Social Media channels.

What You Will Learn


Course Outline

Lesson 1: Identifying Your Goals in Social Media/Corporate Communications

  • How to clearly identify your target audience
  • Determining content of messaging (and why)
  • Scripting vs free run dialog
  • Determining project length/splitting projects
  • Determining landing page relationships/engagement
  • Understanding maximum message impact (Primacy/Recency)

Lesson 2: Selecting Equipment/PreProduction

  • Choosing a camera, audio, and lighting
  • Developing a "set" or proper background for your shoot (this includes Chromakeying/greenscreening).
  • "Setting up" the room/prepping to shoot, managing the environment
  • Building the media/stock library assets

Lesson 3: Production

  • Setting the "style"
  • Shot composition for web and mobile (Mobile viewing is 30% of all web views and growing)
  • Working with dialog
  • Managing the video content/tagging
  • Capturing/transferring, storing, archiving/backing up media

Lesson 4: Editing

  • Managing media for the edit
  • Titles for the web/mobile
  • Transitions/SFX for web/mobile
  • Audio sweetening
  • Spiking audio to keep attention
  • Cutting for maximum impact
  • Color choices and correction for the web/mobile

Lesson 5: Output/Delivery

  • Choosing output codecs (output format)
  • Determining desired bitrate for best image vs filesize
  • Embedding metadata (where possible)
  • SEO
  • Hosting/choosing a host
  • Archiving/backing up content

Lesson 6: Engagement

  • Notifying customers/clients/employees of your new video message
  • Getting more subscriptions
  • Calls to action
  • Increasing the number of hits on your content (if public facing)
  • Using Vimeo, YouTube, Twitter, and other social media sites to drive traffic
  • Getting feedback from employees, clients, and viewership