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Washington DC - Testimonials

"I want to thank both you and Ms. Caluag for your assistance and for always providing the best media training opportunities through the FMC/Global Knowledge partnership. I truly look forward to enrolling in the next advanced Illustrator class with instructor: Mr. Mike Witherell. Mr. Witherell is a great teacher and the knowledge provided has been a huge benefit with several of my media projects.

Please know that the training methods provided by your instructors are invaluable. Your instructors not only teach students the basic interworkings of various media production tools. They provide real world projects and media production scenarios. These consist projects containing visual, problematic issues, creative techniques, and countermeasures that are currently being used within in the industry.

Your training establishment is integral for media production specialists who are trying to remain current within this media production field. Plus, your educational approach allows a media professional to retain the information more easily while cultivating a creative workflow to build upon. Investing in FMC and the knowledge given has helped both my colleagues and I to stay driven and successful over the past year. That's proof of a great investment indeed.

So thanks again, and I wish you all at FMC much continued success!"

Greg Law
Multimedia Specialist
Navstar Inc

"Just a note that I appreciate Martin giving us the opportunity to let you know that Jeff Battersby is a brilliant instructor!

I have just completed the Mountain Lion 101+201 Bootcamp this week. I had taken the Mac 201 course for Snow Leopard back in 2006 at FMC, and a similar bootcamp for OS X 10.2 back in 2003. Jeff's insight from his years of working combined with a well-paced presentation was the best Apple training in which I have participated.

I look forward to seeking out the same training for OS X v9, when it is available, and taking it at FMC. I hope that I will be able to learn from Jeff once again."

Andrew Adkins
Macintosh & Print Services Administrator
Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab

"It was not entirely clear to me just how critical software training was in the multimedia world when I endeavored to make it my livelihood so many years ago. This field is extremely competitive now and just being proficient will no longer get you the job, let alone keep it. You need to possess a skill set that goes way beyond proficiency. It became crystal clear to me recently when a massive layoff occurred within our company. Each employee and job function were meticulously scrutinized; and I have to say that I credit my software certifications in no small part as being the difference between continued employment and wandering in an ever shrinking multimedia job market.

This is the purpose of my letter: First, to tell you how grateful I am of all FMC's support over the last few years in preparing me to take all the certifications that I have in order to stay competitive in this field; and second, to convey my supreme satisfaction with the quality of the FMC operation. As you know, I just completed the Final Cut Studio Master Pro Certification requirements and I credit you and your staff with the exceptional instruction that was essential in achieving this milestone. The class and client support were and are still, invaluable. All of FMC's staff have been extremely customer focused and I truly appreciate it. I will continue to be a loyal customer and advocate for FMC training!"

Rei Spinnicchio
Multimedia Specialist
Constellation Energy

"Prior to taking the Final Cut Pro HD master class at FMC, I had researched all the approved training providers in Baltimore, Washington and Philadelphia before selecting your facility...

My concerns would be quickly alleviated by the end of the first day as I couldn't believe how quickly I could cut a basic sequence. By the end of the first class, I knew my way around Final Cut HD and I was able to produce a rough cut good enough to secure a well known corporate client, Century 21, for additional editing work and DVD authoring...

The effectiveness of your training speaks for itself. Since the class I have been able to pick up quite a few editing contracts... FMC has been an integral part of my personal success and growth as a small business..." view full letter

Paul Coyle
Paul Coyle & Associates Inc.

"Thank you so much for the time invested in providing quality instruction. My colleague and I found the Final Cut Pro class to be a very valuable tool and resource for use by the DC Office of Cable Television. The instructor, Sean Casella, was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic, which enhanced our overall experience at your center.

We look forward to attending a refresher class in early 2009 and as well enrolling in other classes offered at Future Media Concepts, i.e. A Comprehensive Study of Final Cut Pro 6 and Editing with Avid Media Composer.

Again, thank you for the time invested in offering quality instruction."

Eric E. Richardson
DC Office of Cable Television

"I would like to thank you for providing such high level quality training at your facilities. I have taken over 10 classes at your division so far, and have thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from my experience.

This past month, I had the pleasure of taking Apple Motion and Final Cut Pro classes with Sean Casella and Photoshop classes with David B. Good. Both trainers led exceptional classes, surpassing my expectations and directly improving my productivity and creative abilities at work. I especially enjoyed the candid passion that each instructor displayed while teaching..

I look forward to taking classes at your facility in the future. I readily recommend to anyone who is interested in new media to learn from the best at DC's FMC."

Christopher Barnett

"A quick note of thanks to Ingrid, Tom, Sean, and the entire staff at FMC. Last Week I completed my second round of training (with several more to go!) and you and your staff really make it a great process; one that I am quick to recommend to colleagues and always anxious to return to. You obviously care a great deal about the facility and clientele and I want you to know that it did not go unnoticed!

It's always great to see you guys and I can't begin to tell you how much I'm getting out of this educational venture. I'll be seeing you about once a month through the end of this year, and am really looking forward to returning for my next class. Thanks again for everything..."

Stace Carter
Virginia Tech

"Future Media Concepts taught me the smartest, most efficient way to think and work graphically. I learned the correct terminologies and proper approach/methods to prepare my projects. In addition, I learned how to express myself and be understood, within the visual media community..." view full letter

Parrish J. Schoon
Government of the Disctrict of Columbia

"As an editor who has been working on a Media 100 for several years, I was very excited to switch to Avid. Having said that, it was easy to pick up the basics in Avid and various shortcuts from other editors, but the knowledge I walked out of your facility with is invaluable..." view full letter

Jenny Utterback Gebhardt

"I have come to appreciate FMC for the professionalism of the instructors and staff and for the vast knowledge and experience that the instructors represent. FMC instructots are always willing to go the extra mile to teach students thepower-user tips and tricks to utilize the applications to their full potential..." view full letter

Anthony Angelo Gualtieri
Smithsonian Institution

"On behalf of NAB, thank you for helping make NAB's transition to Apple's Final Cut Pro editor smooth, efficient and a cost-effective success... FMC provided the know-how and faculties to makek this training experience "top-of-the-line..." view full letter

Bill Dion
National Association of Broadcasters

"The InDesign course, which was instructed by Leigh Lawhon, taught me everything I need to know and more. The projects that I have completed since taking the class have exceeded expectations and I attribute that sucess solely to the course.
My superiors are so excited about what I am now able to accomplish that they are asking for more, and I look forward to another opportunity to train at FMC."

Ryan Brown

"I just wanted to formally thank Tom Wilson and the rest of the staff at Future Media Concepts of Washington DC. The classes were extremely informative and well structured with instructors of the highest caliber... The techniques that I have learnt at FMC will give me a dominating advantage over the field..."

Steve Miller
The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus

"I had the most wonderful experience at your facility and I will be encouraging fellow employees to attend your training sessions. Future Media Concepts has helped me better understand the workflow and editing concepts to organize footage...
I want to thank Tom Wilson for helping me choose the best courses and customize classes to my needs. I also want to thank Jason Osder for spending patient time with me and focusing on my particular project needs. I plan on returning for more!"

Brooke Dill
Expedition Video Production

"Gang... Just a short note to say thanks and share how much I enjoyed last week's session on Photoshop. Nice program, nice facilities and superb instruction. "


"Future Media Concepts has become a valued partner in providing unparalleled training opportunities to the law enforcement and public safety communities. We can always count on FMC to present cutting edge topics by industry experts that promote skills and capability enhancements for our attendees. "

Jan Garvin
Vice President of Training