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Our Expertise

FMC is training today's leading educators. We speak from experience and can proudly say that we know both sides of the coin. As an employer of instructors, we understand the importance and constant need to help our trainers stay ahead of the game and maintain expert-level knowledge. As a training provider, we’ve had the privilege of training today’s leading educators and gained insight into their training needs.

Educational Discounts

People are your most important strategic asset. Educational organizations place particular emphasis on professional development in order to keep pace with changes in student learning and technology. Professional development is often complicated by limited training budgets, changing training needs. Future Media Concepts can help you stretch professional development dollars.

Educational Discounts of 10% are available to students and faculty.

Educational Passport Program

The Educational Passport Program is a flexible, volume-purchasing package that allows institutions to secure between 15 and 100 days of training, at up to 50% less than it would cost to purchase the same amount of training class-by-class.

This program is designed to help educational institutions take their employees' skills to the next level and enhance productivity, while making the most of your limited training budget.

Educational Passport Benefits:

  • Volume purchasing means discounted rates and locked in prices for the year.
  • Streamlined budgeting and purchasing—purchase vouchers up-front and use throughout the year as needed.
  • Usage flexibility—use vouchers for multiple projects, departments, and products.
  • Easy management—FMC provides a dedicated Corporate Account Manager to manage your individual program.
  • Ideal for both large and small organizations.

Passport Pricing Options:

Training Days Investment Price/Day Regular Price/Day Savings
15x $5,900.00 $393.00 $495 - 639 $1,525 - 3,685
25x $9,200.00 $368.00 $495 - 639 $3,175 - 6,775
50x $17,000.00 $340.00 $495 - 639 $7,750 - 14,950
75x $24,750.00 $330.00 $495 - 639 $12,375 - 23,175
100x $32,000.00 $320.00 $495 - 639 $17,500 - 31,900

The Educational Passport vouchers can be used for all FMC classes whether delivered In Class, Online, OnSite and on select FMC Conferences*. Contact your Corporate Account Manager today to discuss the different types of vouchers, and your options for managing them.

*Please note FMC's Terms & Conditions for the Passport Program.

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