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"I would certainly recommend Future Media Concepts to anyone with serious aspirations of success in their creative business...of course, a training facility is only as good as its instructors and in that respect FMC deserves a gold medal..."

Kyle Shaffer
Sierra Military Health Services, Inc

"Most important, the instructor was great. He was the first instructor that kept me interested in class the whole time. His technique of teaching us made understanding the application better."

Scott R Himelberger

"I am a graphic artist who attended the Adobe Master Class. Future Media Concepts taught me the smartest, most efficient way to think and work graphically. I learned the correct terminologies and proper approach to prepare my projects. In addition, I learned how to express myself and be understood within the visual media community."

Parrish J Schoon
Government of the District of Columbia

"I had such a special time as an [Adobe Video World] attendee and just loved every second of it. I really needed to up my game with After Effects and this conference was the best educational event I have had all year long. It was perfect for me as a beginner in AE because it was concise, there were classes at all levels — I got the basics and was equally prepared for continuing education. The instructors were the best in the world, I got to make important connections with Adobe staff and make new friends from every corner of the business. You all did a fantastic job!”

Mitch Jacobson
Category Five Studios (Adobe Video World Attendee)