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Future Media Concepts Announces authorized training program with SpectraCal

FMC's monitor calibration curriculum will employ CalMAN video calibration software from Seattle-based SpectraCal, Inc.

New York,NY – November 7, 2013 – Future Media Concepts (FMC), the nation's premier digital media training organization, today announced that it has expanded its curriculum of certified training for video monitor calibration.

FMC's monitor calibration curriculum will employ CalMAN video calibration software from Seattle-based SpectraCal, Inc.

"When almost every video professional used the same brand of CRT to view content, calibrating monitors was not such an issue, because the same content tended to look pretty much the same wherever it was," said Jeff Rothberg, FMC president and co-founder. "Now that globally distributed teams are viewing content on LCDs, OLEDs, and plasmas, it's absolutely crucial that every monitor be set to standards," Rothberg said. "Otherwise collaborators have no way of knowing how the image is supposed to appear."

Internationally recognized standards such as ITU BT.709 were established to enforce consistent views of images on disparate monitors, and solutions such as SpectraCal's CalMAN software make it possible to bring monitors into conformance with the standards.

SpectraCal and FMC have worked together to create a curriculum designed to ensure that students finishing the course have the tools and are confident in their abilities to accurately color calibrate and match all their reference monitors from vendors such as Flanders Scientific, TV Logic, HP, Eizo, and Panasonic.

A combination of color science theory and hands-on practice, the course is designed for industry professionals whose livelihoods depend on the accuracy of their monitors, particularly emphasizing the requirements of colorists, digital imaging technicians (DITs), VFX artists and supervisors, and post-production engineers.

During the course of the day, students get the chance to apply different levels of calibration appropriate to different industry applications, from the simplest two-point white balance to sophisticated 3D Look-Up Tables (LUTs).

"Setting the monitor as closely as possible with the built-in controls will suffice for most on-set monitors primarily used to verify capture," SpectraCal's Product Manager Chris Greenway said. "But for a colorist, absolutely accuracy is indispensible, which is why many grading suites apply 3D LUTs to address nonlinearities the internal controls can't fix."

More details on the curriculum are available at https://studio.spectracal.com/fmc or FMCtraining.com.

About SpectraCal
SpectraCal is the worldwide leader in image fidelity solutions. SpectraCal provides everything needed for calibrating video displays in broadcast, production, post-production, commercial A/V, home theater, and industry. SpectraCal's flagship product CalMAN is the mostly widely used video calibration software in the world. More information is available at www.spectracal.com.

About Future Media Concepts
Future Media Concepts, Inc. (FMC), established in 1994, is the nation's premier digital media training organization providing manufacturer-authorized training in digital video and film editing, motion graphics, Web design and development, sound design, 3D animation, desktop publishing, architectural and mechanical design, Mac IT, and mobile apps development. FMC provides on-site, and online training options for IT professionals, app developers, and digital media professionals engaged in the creation, management, and delivery of digital entertainment and media content. In addition, FMC is a leading producer of education-rich conferences for today's leading electronic entertainment trade shows both in the U.S. and internationally. FMC is an Authorized Training partner for Adobe®, Apple®, Autodesk®, Avid®, and, NewTek®. More information is available at www.FMCTraining.com.