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Training Delivery Methods

Staying up to date with the latest developments in your field is now easier than ever. Explore our in-person, online, connected, or on-site course options, and choose a training method that works best for you.

All our training delivery methods are live, interactive and include hands-on exercises that will help you advance your skills fast.

Learn more about the benefits of each training method available with FMC, and choose the one that aligns best with your needs and schedule.

Live Classroom Training

If you are looking for quality, consistent and accessible training for digital video, sound design, desktop publishing, motion graphics, or IT, Future Media Concepts (FMC) is your one-stop shop. The company has been around since 1994 and it has grown into a known and respected brand within the industry.

FMC has eight training centers in the U.S. and Canada: New York; Boston; Philadelphia; Washington D.C.; Orlando; Chicago; Irvine and Toronto. Our state-of-the- art training facilities provide students with the perfect environment to expand their technical skills.

Benefits of Classroom Learning

  • Small class size: FMC classes are kept small (8 to 12 students max) to allow attendees and instructors one-on-one time as needed;

  • Focused environment: learn with no distractions and interruptions, and build new skills fast;

  • Instructor access: during your time with us, you will be able to interact with our expert instructor and tailor your questions to specific issues you may have encountered in your projects;

  • Expand your network: meet professionals with similar interests and focus, exchange ideas, and learn from their experience;

  • Satisfaction guaranteed: missed some of the tips and techniques shared in the classroom? Not to worry—FMC students are welcome to retake the same class, either online or at an FMC location, the next time we offer it. Speak to your FMC Account Manager about eligibility.

Online Training

FMC Online is live, personal, interactive and effective. FMC Online uses state-of-the-art desktop sharing technology to connect you with our leading Certified Instructors in a virtual classroom. You are able to fully participate live by viewing application demonstrations, completing hands-on exercises, and asking questions via the chat function.

FMC Online is not available in the state of Massachusetts.

Scheduling an Online Class

FMC Online classes are offered monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly. To view a complete list of all our FMC online classes and dates please click here.

If you would like to schedule a training date at an alternative time, please contact FMC Online Manager, Tom Willson, to discuss your options.

Connected Training

FMC's Connected Training is a combination of in-person and live, interactive training that gives you the perks of the classroom experience, without leaving your city.

Connected Live In-class

Live, instructor-led training, also being broadcast at other FMC training centers. Come into your local FMC training center like you would for any other course. You and your fellow class attendees will receive your training as usual, while the instructor is being broadcast LIVE to other FMC locations.

Connected Live Broadcast

Live, instructor-led training, being broadcast from another FMC training center. Arrive at your local FMC center where you would like to attend the course. The instructor will be live on a large, HD-quality screen with interactive audio and video. You and your fellow class attendees can see, hear and interact with the instructor in real-time and the instructor will see you on a screen at their location. A full two-way audio feed allows you to hear every detail from the instructor and ask questions at any time. The instructor has the ability to take over your screen, mouse and keyboard to assist you with exercises.

Connected Live Online

Live, instructor-led training, being broadcast online from an FMC training center. Log in online from your home or office on the day of your class. You and your fellow class attendees can see, hear and interact with the instructor in real-time. The instructor will be able to assist you with exercises and answer any questions you may have during the class.

Benefits of Connected Classroom Training

  • Flexibility: Attend the class that suits your schedule best, without traveling;

  • Instructor interaction: Ask questions and interact with the instructor as if s/he were in the same room with you;

  • Save money: Avoid the additional cost associated with lodging and traveling to a different city;

  • Networking: Meet other professionals in your city;

  • Satisfaction guaranteed: If you would like to retake the class, you are welcome to attend it online or at our location in your city the next time we offer it. Speak to your FMC Account Manager for details.

On-site Training

This flexible and cost-effective option allows you to train employees from your team, department, or entire organization at the same time and around a schedule that works for you and your employees.

Our Approach

FMC onsite courses can be delivered "off-the-shelf", slightly modified, or completely customized for your learning needs. Our On-Site Training offering is the ideal solution for training a group of employees or launching a company- wide training effort. It's affordable, your employees won't have to leave the office; it's customizable, and it is designed to fit your organization's goals.

Benefits for the Student

  • Courses can be planned around individual and department schedules and delivered in any format;
  • Employees share the learning experience;
  • Allows your team to learn with real-world specific to their projects and daily challenges.

Benefits for the Company

  • Maintain productivity with flexible course scheduling;
  • No travel and other additional costs often associated with training staff;
  • Get all employees on the same wavelength;
  • Tailor the course material to fulfill your company's needs.