AI Broadcast Radio: Making Sound Waves

3 hours


Specifically tailored for radio professionals, this workshop is designed to enlighten sound engineers, audio editors, radio producers, and audio enthusiasts in the radio industry about the revolutionary impact of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in sound mastering. The workshop provides in-depth insights into AI-driven tools such as Adobe Audition's AI features, Izotope RX, Ozone, LANDR, and more, focusing on how these technologies can elevate audio quality, streamline workflows, and forge new career paths in radio sound production.


Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand AI and ML fundamentals specifically for sound mastering in radio.
  • Utilize AI tools to improve audio quality and efficiency in radio sound editing.
  • Explore how AI can enhance creativity in sound design and music production for radio.
  • Learn about ethical and legal considerations in AI-assisted sound mastering for radio.
  • Stay updated with future trends in AI technologies for audio mastering in the radio industry.
  • Identify career opportunities and required skills in AI-enhanced sound mastering for radio.
  • Gain hands-on experience with practical exercises and demos using AI tools in radio sound mastering.
  • Network and collaborate with professionals in the radio industry’s AI sound mastering sector.

Target Audience

Suitable for a wide range of professionals and enthusiasts in the radio and audio engineering sectors including:

  • Sound Engineers and Audio Editors in Radio
  • Radio Music Producers
  • Radio Broadcasting Technical Staff
  • Audio Technology Enthusiasts in Radio
  • Students and Educators in Audio Engineering

Course Outline

Lesson 1: AI and ML in Radio Sound Mastering - Basics of AI and ML in sound.

  • AI tools overview for radio sound mastering.
  • AI application case studies in radio.

Lesson 2: Practical AI Applications in Radio Sound Mastering

  • Automated radio sound editing with AI.
  • AI for sound quality enhancement in radio.
  • AI-driven speech recognition and mastering in radio.

Lesson 3: Creative AI in Radio Sound Production

  • AI in radio music production and sound design.
  • Ethical aspects of AI in radio sound production.

Lesson 4: Future of AI in Radio Sound Production

  • Emerging trends in AI for radio sound mastering.
  • AI's impact on the radio industry.

Lesson 5: Career Development in AI Sound Mastering for Radio

  • Evolving roles in AI-enhanced radio sound production.
  • Key skills for AI and sound mastering careers in radio.

Tools Used

  • Adobe Premiere Pro (with some extensions and plugins not native to Premiere Pro)
  • Adobe Audition (with some extensions and plugins not native to Audition)
  • Izotope RX
  • AIVA
  • Amper Music
  • Sonic AI
  • Other AI-based sound mastering tools