Motion 101 - An Introduction to Motion 5

3 days

Apple Authorized Training for Motion 5 at FMC

Course Description

FMC Custom Course

Note: This custom-designed class is created and owned by Future Media Concepts. It is not sponsored or authorized by Apple Inc.

Create brilliant titles, transitions, effects, and more with Motion 5, the motion graphics companion to Final Cut Pro X. This hands-on course starts with motion graphics fundamentals and moves into compositing, animation, and the world of 3D. Explore new intelligent templates to quickly and flexibly create high-quality effects, titles, transitions, and generators as well as create rigs to adjust related parameters with a single control.

Who Should Attend

This class is designed for students who are looking to learn more about creating motion graphics using Motion and who prefer hands-on, interactive instruction.

What You Will Learn

  • Creating Smart Motion Templates and publishing them to Final Cut Pro X
  • Creating parameter rigs to quickly adjust related parameters with a single control
  • Understanding behavior-based animation
  • Using keyframes to create animation
  • Creating content with Generators, shapes and paint strokes.
  • Stabilizing and tracking media
  • Animating cameras and using advanced 3D features.

Course Outline

Note: The curricula below comprise activities typically covered in a class at this skill level. The instructor may, at his/her discretion, adjust the lesson plan to meet the needs of the class.

Lesson 1: The Basics of Illustrator Objects

  • Overview of object types (i.e. Flare & Graph)
  • Advanced understanding of Illustrator Objects
  • Using your layer panel for objects
  • Converting one object into another object -When to expand

Lesson 2: Rethinking Construction

  • The Eraser Tools & the Blob Brush
  • Working with the Live Paint
  • Using Image Trace
  • Aligning, Joining and Averaging
  • Draw Behind and Draw Inside
  • Compound Shapes & Compound Paths
  • Live Shapes and Path Editing
  • Pen Tool & Reshaping Paths
  • New Pencil Settings (for other tools)
  • Rapid Reshaping with Shape Builder
  • Building with Multiple Construction Modes

Lesson 3: Symbols (1/2 Lesson)

  • Starting the lesson
  • Working with symbols
  • Using existing Illustrator symbol libraries
  • Editing a symbol
  • Working with dynamic symbols
  • Creating a symbol
  • Duplicating symbols
  • Replacing symbols
  • Breaking a link to a symbol
  • Working with Creative Cloud Libraries
  • Adding assets to CC Libraries
  • Using Library assets
  • Updating a Library asset

Lesson 4: Perspective Grid (1/2 Lesson)

  • Working with the perspective grid
  • Using a preset grid
  • Adjusting the perspective grid
  • Drawing artwork in perspective
  • Selecting and transforming objects in perspective
  • Moving planes and objects together
  • Drawing artwork with no active grid
  • Adding and editing text in perspective
  • Moving objects in a perpendicular direction
  • Moving a plane to match an object
  • Bringing content into perspective
  • Editing symbols in perspective
  • Releasing objects with perspective

Lesson 5:Espressive Strokes

  • Width Tool and Stroke Profiles
  • Expanded Stroke Panel
  • Brushes
  • Raster Brushes & Auto Corners in CC
  • Stroke Variance
  • Brushes & Washes
  • Painting Inside
  • Pattern Brushes

Lesson 6: Color Transitions

  • Color & Swatches panels
  • Global Colors
  • Gradients
  • Gradient Mesh
  • Live Color
  • Unified Gradients
  • Gradient Paths
  • Blending Mesh
  • Transparent Mesh
  • Recolor Patterns

Lesson 7: Reshaping Dimensions

  • Warp & Envelopes
  • 3D Effects
  • Perpective Grid
  • Free Transform

Lesson 8: Mastering Complexity

  • Pattern Making
  • Transparency
  • Opacity Masks
  • Blends
  • Clipping Masks
  • Combining Complexity
  • Layered Patterns

Lesson 9: Combining Apps

  • Combining artwork
  • Placing image files
  • Placing an image
  • Scaling a placed image
  • Placing a Photoshop image with Show Import Options
  • Placing multiple images
  • Applying color edits to an image
  • Masking images
  • Applying a simple mask to an image
  • Editing a clipping path (mask)
  • Masking an object with text
  • Creating an opacity mask
  • Editing an opacity mask
  • Sampling colors in placed images
  • Working with image links
  • Finding link information
  • Embedding and unembedding images
  • Replacing a linked image
  • Packaging a file

Lesson 10: Exporting Assets

  • Illustrator to non-Adobe Programs
  • Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop
  • Illustrator & Adobe InDesign
  • Illustrator, PDF & Adobe Acrobat
  • Creating Pixel-Perfect Drawings
  • Aligning new artwork to the pixel grid
  • Aligning existing artwork to the pixel grid
  • Exporting artboards and assets
  • Exporting artboards
  • Exporting individual assets
  • Creating CSS from your design
  • Setting up your design for generating CSS
  • Working with character styles and CSS code
  • Working with graphic styles and CSS code
  • Copying CSS
  • Exporting CSS

Lesson 11: Create Your Own

  • Create your own based on instructor’s directive