Advanced Color Grading and Finishing with DaVinci Resolve

2 days

Advance your knowledge of the interface, tools, features, and production flow in DaVinci Resolve with this new custom FMC class.

What will you learn? Take a look!

Course Outline


  • Working with RAW and LOG Footage
  • Using ResolveFX in Color
    • Magic Mask,
    • Sky Replacement,
    • Outside Node,
    • Relight,
    • Depth Map and more
  • Motion Effects, Temporal NR, Spatial NR and Motion Blur
  • Animating Corrections
  • Chroma Keying and Compositing with Resolve
  • Technicolor 3-Strip Process


  • In-depth understanding of Nodes, Parallel Mixer, Layer Mixer, Key Mixer Splitter/Combiner and Corrector nodes
  • Workflow, seamless conform and round tripping with third party NLEs, (Avid Media Composer and/or Adobe Premiere Pro)
  • Frequency Separation node setup and how to make skin look beautiful and natural (Resolve FXs: Face Refinement and MidTone Detail).
  • Media and Project management ( .dra; .drp and .drt)
  • Managing media, archiving and backing up projects
  • Taking advantage of your OS, leveraging the power of OS X to improve the Color Pipeline
  • Hardware considerations and best practices