Apple Device Deployment and Management

3 days

Day One:

Class Introduction:

  • Lesson One: Getting Started

Mobile Device Management Planning:

  • Lesson Two: Understanding Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Lesson Three: Planning for Implementation

Mobile Device Management Preparation:

  • Lesson Four: Setting Up Your Organization
  • Lesson Five: Preparing for Content Distribution

Device Enrollment

  • Lesson Six: Enabling Automatic Device Enrollment
  • Lesson Seven: Understanding Device and User Enrollment

Day Two:

Device Management:

  • Lesson Eight: Managing Device Network Configurations
  • Lesson Nine: Managing Content
  • Lesson Ten: Managing Data
  • Lesson Eleven: Managing Device Security
  • Lesson Twelve: Managing Traffic
  • Lesson Thirteen: Managing Lost Devices

Day Three:

Device Redeployment and Recycling:

  • Lesson Fourteen: Redeploying and Recycling Devices

Mac Security Compliance

  • Lesson Fifteen: Developing Your Mac Compliance Strategy
  • Lesson Sixteen: Implementing Your Strategy