macOS 100: Introduction to macOS Sonoma

1 day

Course Description

macOS 100: Introduction to macOS Sonoma is a hands- on class designed to help beginning Mac users and transitioning Windows users become more familiar in using the macOS.

What You Will Learn

Upon completion of the macOS 100: Introduction to macOS Sonoma course, students will be able to:

  • Know the foundations of macOS Sonoma
  • Efficient window and application management
  • System customization
  • Configure user accounts
  • Manage files

Who Should Attend?

This class is designed for those new to the macOS Sonoma platform who need to obtain the skills to support other macOS users. This could include entry level IT personnel in businesses that use macOS systems for general productivity or creative design, service technicians who support macOS customers, and technical coordinators or power users who manage networks of macOS systems for their organization – such as teachers and technology specialists who manage a classroom network or computer labs.


Practical working knowledge of computers

Course Outline

Lesson One: Finder Basics

  • Learn the Basic elements of the Finder Interface and how they differ from Windows
  • How to Start, sleep, restart, and shutdown the Mac

Lesson Two: Navigating the File System

  • How the macOS File system is organized and how to access needed resources
  • How to create, copy, move and delete files and folders
  • How to preview documents without apps using Quicklook

Lesson Three: Manage System Settings

  • How to use System Preferences and App Preferences to make the Mac and its apps work better for you.

Lesson Four: Managing Applications

  • Learn how to install apps via the App Store, Drag and
  • Drop and the OS installer
  • How to launch and manage documents
  • How to Switch between Apps
  • Using the Built-in Apps: Web Apps, iWork, Creative Apps
  • How to Quit apps
  • How to remove Apps you no longer need

Lesson Five: Working with Multiple Users

  • Creating additional users
  • Setting restrictions using Screen Time
  • Switching between users: Log in/Log out, Fast User
  • Switching
  • Sharing data between user accounts

Lesson Six: Managing Networks Services

  • Basic Network Configuration via Network Preference
  • Setting up services using Internet Accounts
  • Setting up and using iCloud services
  • Managing your AppleID
  • Providing Network Services
  • File Sharing, Airdrop, Airplay

Lesson Seven: Sonoma's New Features

  • Desktop Widgets
  • Safari and Passwords
  • Use Websites as Apps
  • Share Passwords with Trusted Contacts
  • Messages Search Filters
  • Autofill PDFs
  • More Accurate Autocomplete
  • Lockdown Mode
  • Visual Lookup

Lesson Eight: How to Troubleshoot macOS

  • Basic troubleshooting techniques and tools
  • Gathering information
  • Identifying the problem
  • Trying fixes
  • Confirming the fix works