Swift Fundamentals - Getting Started with App Development

4 days

Course Description

This course is the first course from the Developing Swift Fundamentals Bundle courses.

After finishing the bundle which consists of 3 courses you can apply for the “App Development with Swift certification” from Apple.


What You Will Learn

Students learn the basics of data, operators, and control flow in Swift, as well as documentation, debugging, Xcode, building and running an app, and Interface Builder. They then apply this knowledge to the guided project, Light, in which they create a simple flashlight app that lets the user tap the screen to toggle its color between black and white. Students will also define their own app idea for a specific audience.

Course Outline

Swift Lessons

  • Introduction to Swift and Playgrounds
  • Constants, Variables, and Data Types
  • Operators
  • Control Flow

SDK Lessons

  • Xcode
  • Building, Running and Debugging an App
  • Documentation
  • Interface Builder Basics

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who wants to start their mobile development career and have the basic knowledge of programming.


  • Having a mac
  • Xcode 13 installed on the mac
  • Know the basics of programming