After Effects with Mocha

1 day

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Planar Tracking
  • After Effects Tracking and Rotoscoping Options
  • Mocha AE vs Mocha Pro
  • Applying Mocha and Understanding the Interface
  • Setting Keyboard Shortcuts and Preferences
  • Creating, Exporting, and Merging Projects
  • Tracking Fundamentals
  • Checking Tracking with the Surface and Grid Options
  • Using Translation, Scale, and Rotation
  • Using Skew and Perspective
  • Applying Tracking
  • Using Transform Data
  • Using Corner Pin Data
  • Modifying Track Data
  • Using the AdjustTrack Feature
  • Creating Masks and Track Mattes
  • Rotoscoping Basics
  • Exporting Rotoscoping Shapes
  • Stabilizing Footage
  • Applying Stabilization Data

Mocha Pro Options Introduction

  • Magnetic, Freehand, and Area Brush Tools
  • Using the Insert Module
  • Using Power Meshes for Tracking and Rotoscoping
  • Removing Foreground Objects with the Remove Module
  • Correcting Lens Distortion with the Lens Module
  • Creating and Using Mega Plates