Visual Effects and Finishing for Editors: Boris FX for Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro

2 days
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Course Description

In this two-day course, you’ll receive a thorough overview of the Boris FX suite of visual effects plug-ins for professional After Effects and Premiere Pro users. The course combines instructor-led training and hands-on practice to introduce you to Sapphire, Continuum and Mocha from Boris FX. Boris FX plug-ins are widely used in broadcast and feature film post-production for their ability to create limitless creative looks and advanced visual effects directly inside After Effects and Premiere Pro.

What You’ll Learn:

Learn advanced techniques used by After Effects and Premiere Pro users to fully utilize plug-ins for professional finishing:

  • Creating custom transitions and looks.
  • Combine and develop advanced creative preset libraries.
  • Animating 3D Text, Lower Thirds and graphic looks.
  • Planar Tracking and Masking for editing and effects.
  • Keying, Image Restoration and general footage fixing techniques.


  • Practical working knowledge of Mac OS X or Windows skills.
  • A background in editing, production, or post-production is strongly recommended


1. General Overview of Boris FX Tools: Continuum / Sapphire / Mocha Pro

  • About Boris FX - Developer of plug-ins for all major editing and effects software
  • Why Boris FX plug-ins are used by professional editors, colorists and effects artists.
  • What is Continuum
  • What is Sapphire
  • What is Mocha

2. Working With Transition Effects

  • Applying and modifying transitions.
  • Continuum Transitions, FX Browser and onscreen UI.
  • Keyframing and animating.
  • Sapphire Transition Builder: build and customize transitions.

3. Titling & Graphics

  • 2D Titling, 3D Titling & 3D Objects
  • 3D Text and Title Studio
  • Build and animate lower thirds and title templates
  • Apply effects to titles and using Sapphire Builder presets
  • Pan & Zoom for animating stills.

4. Image Effects and FInishing Techniques

  • Applying effects and looks: glows, blurs, vignettes, etc
  • Keyframing and presets
  • Broadcast Safe
  • Beat Reactor for audio synchronization
  • Lens Flare Designer for advanced Lens Flares
  • Sapphire Builder for custom effects creation
  • Create hand-held camera motion with Shake filter.

5. Keying and Compositing

  • General keying: Luma keying, Chroma keying
  • Primate Studio for advanced keying
  • Difficult keying scenarios: transparency & spill
  • Realistic compositing, light wrap techniques.

6. Masking & Tracking for Editors with Mocha

  • Basics of planar tracking for editing
  • Mocha interface overview
  • Creating masks for effects isolation in Continuum & Sapphire
  • Masking for color correction.
  • Understanding surface, linking for Mocha basics
  • Mocha Shapes for plug-ins: Witness Protection, Beauty, Glow, Remover

7. Image Restoration and Finishing Techniques

  • Fixing problem shots: sharpening & flicker
  • Skin smoothing and beauty shots
  • Fix and remove dropouts and dead pixels
  • Remove logos and objects
  • Stabilize and smooth jittery camera movement

10. Mocha Pro for advanced compositing

  • Planar tracking techniques: fix drifts and track offsets
  • Replace screen inserts and cell phones
  • Stabilization
  • Advanced Object Removal