FCP for Experienced Editors

2 days
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Apple Final Cut Pro X Authorized Training

Course Description

This two-day, online version of our popular 101 course teaches the fundamentals of Final Cut Pro for editors who are already experienced in other NLEs like Avid, Premiere, Resolve, or Vegas. Students will quickly review fundamental techniques like edits and trimming, and get right to the specific features like effects, titles and color correction that make Final Cut Pro one of the most unique and exciting editing programs in the business.

Who Should Attend

This class is designed for those who already have a working knowledge of ANY video editing platform and who want to increase their skills on FCP by learning advanced features and efficient workflows.


Students should have the following prerequisite knowledge prior to attending the course:

  • Knowledge of macOS and basic computer navigation is required.
  • Thorough knowledge of editing terminology is highly recommended.

Instructor in Action

What You Will Learn

  • Advanced media management with libraries and metadata
  • Working with Compound Clips and auditions
  • Advanced multi-cam techniques
  • Syncing audio and video from two separate sources
  • Targeting specific areas to color correct with shape and color masks
  • Fine tuning clips in the timeline with the Precision Editor
  • Working with the custom text generator to create character by character animation
  • Creating custom effects and transitions in Final Cut and Motion
  • Building bundles finishing and final output
  • Working with Compressor

Instructor in Action

Course Outline

Note: The curricula below comprise activities typically covered in a class at this skill level. The instructor may, at his/her discretion, adjust the lesson plan to meet the needs of the class.

Lesson 1: Organizing Your Media

  • Bringing in metadata
  • Entering metadata
  • Organizing based on metadata
  • Adding markers
  • Filtering clips
  • Creating Smart collections
  • Renaming clips

Lesson 2: Advanced Editing Techniques

  • Reviewing editing basics
  • Modifying edits
  • Backtiming Edits
  • Using Secondary Storylines
  • Understanding Compound Clips

Lesson 3: Working with Auditions

  • Creating Auditions
  • Modifying Auditions
  • Using Auditions with effects

Lesson 4: Working with Sound

  • Setting sound levels
  • Creating audio fades
  • Panning audio
  • Managing audio channels

Lesson 5: Using Audio Effects

  • Understanding equalization
  • Controlling audio effects
  • Using other types of effects
  • Animating audio effects

Lesson 6: Editing Multicam Clips

  • Using multi-camera footage
  • Creating multi-cam clip
  • Editing with multi-cam clips
  • Customizing multi-cam clip settings
  • Modifying a multi-cam clip
  • Adding effects or other trimming techniques

Lesson 7: Keying and Compositing

  • Keying and masking effects
  • Using advanced keying features
  • Compositing with generators
  • Compositing with graphics

Lesson 8: Transformations, Effects and Titles

  • Transforming clips
  • Working with effects
  • Adding titles from the sidebar
  • Using roles with titles

Lesson 9: Creating Animation

  • Animating clip position
  • Animating a generator
  • Creating a travel matte
  • Using transitions

Lesson 10: Color Correction

  • What is color correction?
  • Using an appropriate display
  • Using the highest quality media
  • Learning to work with the Color Inspector
  • Using video scopes
  • Adjusting contrast using the color board
  • Using color wheels
  • Using color curves
  • Using HSL curves
  • Adjusting color temperature creatively
  • Adjusting saturation
  • Changing saturation with contrast adjustments
  • Dissolving between two grades

Lesson 11: Color Matching

  • Understanding shot matching
  • Matching clips automatically
  • Matching clips manually
  • Using additional corrections and effects in a scene

Lesson 12: Making Isolated Color Adjustments

  • Using color masks
  • Using shapes to target frame regions
  • Combing shapes and masks
  • Animating shapes

Lesson 13: Motion

  • Tour of the interface
  • The Motion and FCPX connection
  • Altering an effect
  • Altering a transition
  • Altering a title
  • Altering a generator

Lesson 14: Advanced Sharing and Sending to Compressor

  • Exporting Projects and media for finishing
  • Outputting to Compressor
  • Understanding the Compressor interface
  • Understanding the Compressor workflow
  • Using advanced Compressor features

FMC Custom Course

Note: This custom-designed class is created and owned by Future Media Concepts.