Final Cut Pro Teach-the-Teacher

1 day

Apple Final Cut Pro X Authorized Training

This new Final Cut Pro Train-the-Trainer certification course will teach you everything there is to know about delivering high quality Final Cut Pro instruction for students, seasoned editors, and video enthusiasts alike. This FCP certification is the industry-recognized validation of one’s proficiency to navigate and teach Final Cut Pro.

In this 1.5 day course we’ll go through the multitude of resources available to you as an instructor, good practices for teaching the Final Cut Pro curriculum to your in person or virtual classroom, troubleshooting techniques, as well as cover some of the more difficult questions for your proctored exam. This certification requires in-depth knowledge of importing and organizing clips and assets, editing video projects, refining the visual and audio portions of a project, color correction, and sharing video.


  • Pass a proctored VideoPro or ProductionPro certification in class (pending the curriculum you wish to teach)
  • Presenting a 15-20 min topic on Final Cut Pro to the class


  • Your institute must have purchased an FCP license
  • You must have an accepted application form
  • Minimum one year training students in a structured classroom or virtual setting
  • Thorough knowledge of both Mac OS and iOS platforms
  • Hands on editing experience with Projects in Final Cut Pro
  • Successfully passed any one of the three FCP certification exams

FMC will retrain a new teacher at no additional cost if your certified teacher leaves the institute.