Avid Media Composer Certified Professional Exam

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Avid certification is a tangible, industry-recognized credential that can help you advance your career and provide measurable benefits to your employer. The Media Composer Certified Professional exam is designed to assess a candidate's advanced skills for editing with Avid Media Composer. The Professional certification goes beyond showing that you understand and demonstrate the fundamental concepts and workflow of editing and are able to use Avid Media Composer to edit a project through completion. With a Professional certification, you also demonstrate your ability to use advanced techniques and tools including Marquee title creation and animation, multi-camera editing, audio mixing, audio plug-ins, keys and mattes, and paint effects. The certification also demonstrates that you can achieve a higher level of efficiency by applying more advanced techniques and workflows.

Are there any prerequisites?

Yes. You must first earn the credential of Avid Certified Specialist for Media Composer before you can enroll in the classes to become an Avid Certified Professional.

How do I become an Avid Certified Professional in Media Composer?

Firstly attend the two courses;

To certify you must complete each course, including course projects/exercises, then pass the certification for the exam.

What is the format of the exam?

The exam is comprised of 50 questions with 60 minutes allotted to complete.

Test items are presented in the following formats:

  • Multiple Choice: Select the single option that best answers the question
  • Illustration Review: Refer to the illustration (e.g. Media Composer interface) prior to answering the multiple choice question
  • Illustration Response: Select the single image that best answers the question

Avid Learning Path

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