MC 210 - Media Composer Professional Editing II

3 days

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Course Description

This course provides in-depth workflow knowledge of using keyframe graphs, Paint Effects, Matte Keys, Chroma Key and Luma Key effects, and advanced effect design techniques. The course is divided between modules which present the techniques you need to effectively operate the Avid system along with explanatory material, and exercises that provide hands-on practice. During the exercises, you create and combine effects to achieve real-world results.

Who Should Attend

Producers, Editors, Assistant editors, Multimedia producers


  • Practical working knowledge of Mac OS X
  • Completion of MC 101/110 or equivalent experience
  • Completion of MC 201 or equivalent experience recommended
  • A background in editing, production, or post-production is strongly recommended

Course Outline:

Note: The curricula below comprise activities typically covered in a class at this skill level. The instructor may, at his/her discretion, adjust the lesson plan to meet the needs of the class.

Day 1

Lesson 1: Effect Design and Techniques

Reviewing Effect Techniques, Exploring the Effect Editor, Building Multilayer Effects, Preparing Your System to Work with Effects, Saving and Using Templates, Collapsing Tracks in the Timeline, Creating a Video Mixdown, Designing and Deconstructing Effects

Lesson 2: Animating with Keyframes

Understanding Keyframes, Advanced Keyframe Techniques: Exploring the Graphs, Adding Keyframes to Selected Parameters, Working with Animation Curves

Lesson 3: Using the 3D Warp Effect

Applying the 3D Warp Effect, Basic Concepts, Using the 3D Warp to Make a Mac Cover Flow Effect, Handling Transitions with the 3D Warp, A Quick Guide to the Remaining Features

Lesson 4: Importing Graphics and Mattes

Importing Still Images, Importing Movie Files, Importing Animated Graphics and Logos with Alpha, Importing Photoshop Layers, Batch Import: Graphic Workflow, Batch Import: File Workflow

Day 2

Lesson 5: Paint Effects

Applying Intraframe Effects, Shape Creation, Object-Manipulation Tools, Object Parameters, Animating Shapes, Subsets of the Paint Effect

Lesson 6: Keying

Keying with SpectraMatte, Matte Keys, Luma Keys, Using AniMatte

Lesson 7: Tracking and Stabilizing

Tracking Workflow, Using the Tracking Tool, Performing a Track, Advanced Tracking Features, Viewing Tracking Data, Manually Adjusting Tracking Data, Setting a Reference Frame, Making Use of Tracking Data, Tracking Examples, Stabilizing

Lesson 8: Refining the Composite

Exploring the Workflow for Convincing Composites, Advanced Nesting, Adding Finishing Touches, Saving Complex Effect Templates, Saving Title Templates, Understanding the Limitations of the 3D Warp Effect

Day 3

Lesson 9: Third Party Plug-Ins

Third Party Plug-Ins, Using Sapphire Plug-Ins, Familiarizing Yourself with Specific Effects, Applying Title and Graphic Effects, Applying Textures, Trying Other Effects, Exploring Transition Effects

Lesson 10: Introducing Avid FX

The Avid FX Workflow, Understanding the Interface, Using Avid FX, Additional Windows, Using Filters, Using the Pixel Chooser, Applying Effects to the Media Composer Timeline, Help!

Lesson 11: Avid FX: Working with Multiple Tracks in Avid FX

Working with Tracks, Using the Spline and Paint Tools, Creating Masks, Keying, Adding Transitions

Lesson 12: Avid FX: Titles and 3D

Exploring Title Tools, Creating a Text Page in Avid FX, Creating a Vector Text Track in Avid FX, Creating 3D Titles, Using the Title-Matte Effect, Creating 3D Shapes, Working in 3D Space, Exploring Particles

Avid Learning Path

Certified Avid Media Composer Authorized Training at FMC